Digital pictures:  Have you ever wondered how computers and all things digital handle pictures?  This simplified version can be turned into an open-ended game.

Error detection:  Free your inner mathemagician!  Mystify your audience!  Give them lots of time to try to figure out what you are doing – you may be surprised by which student does figure it out.  This game is based on one method that computers check whether transScreenshot 2014-07-28 16.55.08mitted information might have errors.

Transposition: Computer programming relies heavily on producing sequences of instructions.  Good computer programming means that each sequence is also efficient.  Here is a sequencing game that involves not code but rather coloured shapes.

Towers of Hanoi: Here is another game that involves a carefully chosen sequence of moves.  People of all ages seem to enjoy this one.  Here is some added information if you want to use it in the classroom.