This is math?

We all know that mathematics is important, hard work, and very serious.  BUT…it can also be a  whole lot of fun. Professional mathematicians often admit to thinking of their work as extreme play.

Most people I’ve met love to hunt for patterns and solve puzzles.    These puzzles, which have been enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages, are more than fun – they involve   sequential and spatial reasoning, as well as logical arguments of many sorts.  They encourage mathematical habits of mind such as tenacity, willingness to start over, making sure you understand the given information and the goals, and going beyond the original problem.

You may be a K-12 teacher looking for some hands-on, differentiated learning into your math classroom.  You may be a parent or grandparent, hoping to intrigue and challenge a child.  Or you may be interested in challenging yourself to learn new games.



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