These pages are meant to provide an introduction to some of the most easily accessible logical/mathematical puzzles in a form that is easy to download and print. 

Many of these puzzles need only paper & pencil, while others are physical.  I use the brightly-coloured plastic craft foam for the latter.  Look for it in dollar stores, craft stores, office supply stores, and department stores with a crafts secton.  It takes a lot of careful cutting to make class sets – my mother has been a tremendous help!

Hover over the Puzzles tab above for a drop-down menu of puzzles I’ve used in classrooms and math fairs.

If you are a teacher, here is a description of an effective way to introduce most of these puzzles to your class.

New as of May 2019: Streamers!  This has been popular with everyone from grade 4 on up.

I’m still in the process of getting all my puzzles into shape and uploading them  – please come back from time to time to see what is new.